Ewa Beach Elementary
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Ewa Beach Elementary


Ewa Beach, HI



State of Hawaii, Department of Education


Design Architect

Benjamin Woo Architects


Year Completed




The community of Ewa Beach required additional classroom facilities to accommodate its growing student population. Benjamin Woo Architects designed a stand-alone building for Ewa Beach Elementary School that comprises six classrooms, a special education classroom, and a faculty center.


The building’s design incorporates deep, exterior overhangs to shield rooms from the sun (helping to reduce air-conditioning costs) and to provide shade for outdoor, multi-use areas. The covered lanais often double as an outdoor classroom space, where children can partake in various activities, such as painting.


The structure is positioned on the property to take advantage of the winds that prevail in Ewa Beach, naturally cooling and airing out the building. A large skylight allows natural light to shine in the facility’s enclosed, central courtyard.